Founded in 2016, Ladytree Designs has established itself as a sustainable jewellery brand by committing to sustainable production methods in the workplace wherever possible. Ela and Hannah make every effort to run a business that has minimal impact on the environment.

Our passion for nature has led us to not only raise awareness of climate change but also of fast fashion. We hope to inspire others to change their habits by encouraging individuals to go green, think before they buy and shop local.

Silver and Gemstones

Wherever possible we use Eco Sterling Silver in our designs โ€“ Eco Sterling Silver means that there has been no mining or human exploitation involved in sourcing the Silver; in every other way though, itโ€™s exactly the same as โ€˜newโ€™ Sterling Silver.

All of our gemstones are fair-trade and sustainably sourced from our trusted UK supplier. Some of our stones and fossils are found and cut by us thereby reducing our carbon footprint further.


All of our packaging and marketing materials are plastic free and made from sustainable and/or recycled materials.

Please re-use or recycle when you receive a Ladytree Designs order.


We aim to avoid harsh chemicals in our workshop and use natural alternatives where possible. We also have a strict recycling system in place and avoid letting anything go to waste.

Organic by name. Organic by design.