As seen on Countryfile

It was just a few weeks before Christmas when we got a call from the Countryfile team based in Bristol. They were planning their Wiltshire episode and wanted to feature a local artist with an unusual story – and they chose us! The team were with us for a whole day of filming and made […]

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Published 20-01-19

What is Star Coral?

Ela and Hannah, the founders of Ladytree Designs, are passionate about using minerals and fossils found in the UK. It may surprise you to learn that in Britain, we have a vast array of natural gemstones and minerals. By not importing stones from abroad, Ela and Hannah are keeping to their eco-friendly ethos. Every so often […]

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Published 19-03-19

Jewellery with a Conscience: Our Thoughts on Silver

As an eco-silver jewellery brand, concerns of an environmental and ethical nature sit close to our heart. Built around a shared love of craftsmanship, sustainability and nature, our mother-daughter business seeks to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With the majority of our products made from recycled and traceable silver, we want to lift the […]

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Published 16-08-18

Like Mother, Like Daughter: The Ladies Behind our Brand

Is it safe to say that Summer is finally here? It’s the time of the year when everything starts to grow. From flowers and leaves to all the other shrubbery in between, the British landscape certainly comes alive with a new-found sense of purpose. With so many new things setting their roots into the earth, […]

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Published 06-06-18

Organic by name. Organic by design.