Bespoke Commissions and One-off Designs

Whether you’re celebrating a relationship, marking a special occasion or treating yourself, Ladytree Designs are on hand to discuss your ideas.

The Process

We will start with a consultation where we will talk through your initial ideas. Sketches are then drawn up, special stones can be sourced and once the designs are complete, the jewellery is created to the highest of standards in our workshop based in Tisbury, Salisbury.

We welcome ideas big and small and will work with you to your budget.

Request Consultation

If you would like to speak to us about creating your own Bespoke piece of jewellery, or have any further questions about the process please call on the number below or send us an email.

Alternatively, appointments can be made to come in to our workshop to speak to us about your ideas in person.



Here are some of our past commissions and one-off designs for you to browse.


Fossilised Wood Cufflinks:

Moonstone Necklace:

Aquamarine Birthstone Ring 21st Birthday:

Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace 21st Birthday:

Star Coral Ring:

Star Coral Brooch:

Star Coral Teardrop Necklace:

Star Coral Ring:

Moonstone Bark Ring:

star agate necklace
star agate necklace

One-off Tisbury Coral asymmetrical necklace:

Our unique Star Agate pendants are a little piece of history. This rare coral is silicified Isastraea oblonga, a Jurassic fossil coral also known as Tisbury Coral. It is found in only one area in the whole world, and that happens to be right near our studio!

This necklace was a one-off and made entirely by our hands, including the cutting and polishing of the coral.

Price: £160

Organic by name. Organic by design.